April 19, 2021

Noliita Liancafe

Exquisite food

Mater Soap Multipurpose Kitchen Block Review 2021 | The Strategist

Photo: Jersey Walz for Mater Soap

When it comes to liquid dish soap, I have a heavy hand. I like to see lots of bubbles so I know it’s working, but also, when I’m rushing to complete a task I dislike as much as washing dishes, I’m not about to slow down to squeeze out just a little bit of Dawn or Mrs. Meyer’s. I don’t know how long a bottle of dish soap is supposed to last, but at my house we’re lucky to make it a month. Even though we recycle, that still means going through a dozen plastic bottles a year just for dish soap.

I never really thought about all those empty bottles until my favorite local soap brand, Mater Soap, came out with a container-free soap bar for dishes. I got to know Mater Soap’s founder, Addison Walz, through our parents, who were friends when they were all art students together at Pratt Institute in the 1970s. But I got to know the brand’s hand soap while using it in the bathroom at Dimes café and the body soap from a slew of cool Brooklyn shops like Lolo, Salter House, and Sounds, where it was often one of the most beautiful objects on display.