April 19, 2021

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Photos Show Family’s Stylish RV With Laundry Room and Kitchen Island

The Behrens family has been living on the road for the past decade. They wanted their RV to feel like a home.

The Behrens family inside their home.

Courtesy of Libby Behrens

Libby and Spencer Behrens have been living in RVs for the majority of their adult lives. When baby Axel came along, they knew it was time to get a new mobile home for their growing family. 

That’s why they bought a 36-foot RV in 2018. Since then, Libby has been renovating and decorating the RV to make it feel like home. For Libby, that means creating a neutral aesthetic where functionality and simplicity are key, she told Insider.

You won’t find much color in the Behrens’ RV, and that’s how Libby likes it. 

“Our tiny home is the epitome of less is more,” she said. “Just show your personality, and your space will be instantly transformed.”

The outside of the RV is particularly inviting, with a wreath on the door and a greeting to the right.

rv home tour

The front door of the RV.

Courtesy of Libby Behrens

Libby used peel-and-stick chalkboard wallpaper to color the door black.

The neutral color palette is apparent as soon as you walk down these steps from the door to the entryway.

Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 3.52.54 PM

The RV’s entryway.

Courtesy of Libby Behrens

In the entryway, framed images line one wall.

The entryway leads straight to the kitchen, where Libby said she swapped out all the hardware and fixtures that looked like they belonged in an RV.

rv home tour

The kitchen and entryway of the RV.

Courtesy of Libby Behrens

Libby said she replaced everything in her kitchen that “screamed ‘RV’,” including the light fixtures and the faucet.

There’s even an island, which also functions as a dining table; Libby bought stools so her family could use the kitchen as a dining space.