May 6, 2021

Noliita Liancafe

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A Tiny Berlin Kitchen That Isn’t Shy About Mixing Patterns and Colors

The inspiration: Originally, Yulia was leaning toward a soothing style with natural finishes, but she reconsidered after browsing the internet for influences and finding herself attracted to bright, eclectic items. She ultimately followed her instincts and committed to a fun, multicolored aesthetic.

Square footage: Nine square meters (approximately 97 square feet)

Budget: “We did not have a separate renovation budget for the kitchen since it was part of a big apartment project,” Yulia explains. “We discovered how expensive it is to build a good-looking kitchen of a decent quality only once we needed it.”

For upper storage, Yulia went with a sleek white floating cabinet that seamlessly blends into the wall.

Main ingredients:

Cabinets: IKEA bases with Reform MATCH by Muller Van Severen fronts

Standing and Floating Storage Units: Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System by Dieter Rams. “It’s our reference to utilitarian German design,” notes Yulia.

Counters: Italian Calacatta Viola marble

Floors: Mosa tiles. “We ordered tiles from the Netherlands,” Yulia says. “Both my partner and I lived in Amsterdam and we trust Dutch makers.”

Appliances: Siemens. “The goal was to go for lasting quality but cut off on all the unnecessary innovations,” reasons Yulia. “We did want the oven to have a self-cleaning function, but did we need it to have 25 cooking programs for different foods? No, we would have never used that.”

Lighting: Philips spotlights and a Muller Van Severen Hanging Lamp n°2

Furniture: Objekte Unserer Tage Meyer Table, Folkestolen J39 chairs by Børge Mogensen, and the Swing dining chair from Bolia. “We liked the table and found an old picture of it in green somewhere online,” remembers Yulia. “The company did not produce this color anymore, but they made this one piece for us.”

Veiny marble meets a vivid green hue.

Most bonkers splurge: The eye-catching marble material was the priciest purchase, but Yulia believes it was completely worth it.

Sneakiest save: Using IKEA bases was Yulia’s most economical choice.

The best part: Yulia is taken with the overall result, in part because it’s filled with juxtapositions such as traditional Puglian and Mexican ceramics atop a contemporary table, and woven Bolga baskets from Ghana resting on a stone surface.

What I’d never do again: “Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Will there ever come a morning when I enter the kitchen and think, What have we done?’ It hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will. We wouldn’t change a thing,” Yulia gushes.

Final bill: Around €16,750 (approximately $20,000)