I adopted a celeb chef’s recipe for well-done steak, and the particular butter made it juicier

I attempted Trisha Yearwood’s well-done steak. Terry Wyatt/Getty; Tiffany Leigh

  • A well-done steak is tough to drag off, however I challenged myself to make Trisha Yearwood’s recipe.

  • Her technique was easy however the steaks got here out chewy and the tacky butter made them juicier.

  • I did not love the feel and taste so I will not make this once more contemplating how costly steak is.

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A well-done steak can fire up controversy as a result of it may usually find yourself dry and flavorless.

However movie star chef Trisha Yearwood’s well-done steak recipe with blue-cheese butter piqued my curiosity and I made a decision to offer it a attempt.

This is how the buttery steak turned out:

I began by making Yearwood’s cheese-filled compound butter

Butter, salt, pepper, and blue cheese.

The butter was extremely simple to make. Tiffany Leigh

The butter solely referred to as for blue cheese, butter, salt, and pepper.

The recipe suggests a meals processor however I whisked my elements collectively in a medium-sized bowl as a result of I did not have one.

I additionally minimize the ingredient measurements in half since this meal was for 2.

Mixed butter, blue cheese, salt, and pepper in a bowl.

I did not have a meals processor so I whisked every little thing. Tiffany Leigh

It took a little bit of elbow grease to mix the cheese with the butter. I then added salt and pepper.

At this level, the butter did not look very appetizing

Mixed butter and blue-cheese mixture.

I whipped up all of the elements. Tiffany Leigh

The blue cheese gave the combination a swampy hue. The feel was additionally very thick, akin to moldable clay. Happily, the pungent odor of the cheese was tempered by the candy and creamy butter.

I mounded the combination onto a chunk of plastic wrap, rolled it right into a cylinder, then positioned it within the freezer.

Wrapped up butter and blue-cheese mixture.

I formed the butter right into a roll. Tiffany Leigh

The recipe didn’t specify how lengthy to let it freeze or when to take it out.

I made an informed guess based mostly on different recipes I discovered and left it to relax for about an hour. I figured this may give it ample time to agency up and let the flavors meld collectively.

To organize the steaks, I preheated the oven to 450 levels Fahrenheit

Two raw New York strip steaks.

Trisha Yearwood’s recipe referred to as for New York-style strip steaks. Tiffany Leigh

At this level, I made a decision to take the butter out and let it thaw a bit.

Yearwood’s recipe referred to as for New York strip steaks. After chatting with my native butcher, he suggested that I select ones with heavy marbleization or strips with extra intramuscular fats.

“Because you’re cooking the steaks well-done, the fats will assist retain the meat’s tenderness and stop it from fully drying out,” he defined.

The strategy for cooking the steaks was easy, however I saved an in depth eye on my meat

Two New York strip steaks with seasoning.

This technique was fairly easy. Tiffany Leigh

Yearwood did not recommend doing so, however I patted down my meat with a paper towel to take away extra moisture. This helps the steaks get a wonderful golden-brown sear and prevents extreme steam.

I then positioned my cast-iron skillet over medium-high warmth. I waited till the pan started to smoke and added a splash of vegetable oil, then my meat.

Two raw steaks on a cast-iron skillet.

I waited for cast-iron skillet to get heat. Tiffany Leigh

Yearwood suggests searing the meat on each side and ending it in a scorching however just lately turned off oven. This fashion, the residual warmth would end the cooking course of.

Two New York strip steaks on a cast-iron skillet.

I shaved off some cooking time from Trisha Yearwood’s recipe. Tiffany Leigh

However I received a bit of careworn studying the feedback on this recipe. Some expressed disappointment as a result of they could not fathom how any well-done steak might be juicy.

Plus the steaks weren’t low cost at $50 for 2 items, so I cautiously minimize down the sear and oven occasions.

As a substitute of eight minutes within the pan, I completed the steaks for six and a half minutes within the oven.

Two steaks in an oven.

I positioned the steaks within the oven. Tiffany Leigh

In the end, I used to be completely satisfied that I trusted my instincts.

The meat felt agency. Once I probed them with a thermometer, the steaks registered round 152 levels Fahrenheit. As Yearwood predicted, the temperature would proceed to rise whereas they rested for 5 minutes.

At this level, Yearwood stated to position half a tablespoon of salted butter over the steaks. I assumed this was overkill and as an alternative skipped to placing a slice of compound butter on every steak.

Yearwood did not specify how a lot to make use of, so I minimize 3/4-inch slices and positioned one on every strip.

After 5 minutes, the butter started to pool and create a skinny movie over the meat.

The steak was type of grainy and the cheese was pungent

Two well-done steaks with blue-cheese butter.

I could not wait to attempt the steaks. Tiffany Leigh

The very first thing I observed was the feel of the meat. It was grainier than the juicy medium-rare steak I used to be accustomed to consuming. It wasn’t dry, nevertheless it was chewy.

The meat was an unappealing blush shade with a grey overlay, however this did not distract me from the style.

The highly effective taste from the blue cheese was adopted by a sweetness because of the butter.

At first, I discovered the expertise off-putting as a result of there was rather a lot happening.

Curiously, the extra I ate the steak, the extra I actually appreciated how every little thing labored collectively. The steak received much-needed moisture from the butter, and the meat softened the flavour of the cheese.

This dish shouldn’t be for the faint of coronary heart, so I do not assume I am going to make it once more

A piece of steak on a fork.

This meal shouldn’t be for everybody. Tiffany Leigh

To take pleasure in this, you have to be open-minded in regards to the pungent cheese and well-done texture.

Though I had a relative tolerance for this dish, my husband hated the style of the pungent cheese and felt it overpowered the steak’s taste.

The leftover butter additionally went to waste as a result of it was too robust so as to add to different dishes similar to pasta, rice, or rooster.

Total, contemplating that I might be the one one consuming this sooner or later, I will not be making this recipe once more until I am internet hosting a visitor who loves blue cheese and well-done steak.

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